Question about logo's on invoices

Ik had a Question about logo’s on the invoices ik make for my customers. I have 2 different business. But I have one administration for them. The businesses have different logo’s. Is there a possibility to choose witch logo I use on the invoices? Thnx for the answer. Gr. Remy

Manager will only handle one logo at a time. But you can change as often as you want. You could also create a custom theme for the second business and program the logo into it directly, rather than having Manager insert the stored logo. You also have the problem of your business’ name appearing, which could be handled with a custom theme.

That’s beyond the scope of this forum, though.

ok thank.

Can you help me with that? i know i have to change some lines in the template from the theme but not that good with HTML.

I know i have to change these lines but to what?

{% if business.logo != null %}

{% endif %}
this line refers to the logo i think so what should i change in that?
{{ }}
{{ business.address | newline_to_br }}
{{ business.identifier }}

this is the thing for the adress etc. the adress stays the same, but the name is slightly different, can i delete and just type there the name off the bussines?

And in the identifier are different things like bank acount, tel. number, VAT number and some more, how can i set these things so they are set at the invoice because some things that are now in the identifier don’t have to stand in the identifier.

THNX for the answer

If you don’t have the skills, you need to hire someone locally who can program in Liquid, which is the language of the themes in Manager. As I said, that’s beyond the scope of this forum.

No. This code is calling a variable entered under Settings.

All those are also variables entered in Contact details and Business identifier fields.

Believe me, @remyvandemortel, you won’t sort this out by asking questions on the forum. It would be easier to separate the accounting records of the two businesses.

Separate the businesses, create another business.
Combination of two companies and issuing different invoices from the same books is never a good thing if you have a great vision for your company.
Sir Keep proper books please


Maybe it is e-commerce site with 2 branding for different people segment and logo is different it doesn’t mean it needs to be on different company does it?

I did solve similar problem by adding custom field on invoice called “type”, and then in theme you can do
if type == “first segment” then
one logo
different logo

For each invoice you can chose which type it is for and it will do logo as asked.

If you would give me more details I could build you template for copy paste.
or check my other post: