Removing the PAID invoices from the list when paying invoices from the cash screen

When you pay an invoice from the cash screen, you select: Accounts Payable and then need to try and attempt to find the invoice in a dropdown box.

The Box displays every invoice you have ever entered, Even if you narrow it down to the supplier, its so difficult to find the exact invoice in this drop down box.

Is there anyway to display only the UNPAID invoices in this dropdown box and not every invoice you have ever entered.


Alternatively, go to the Suppliers tab, click the Accounts Payable balance for the Supplier and then click View for the invoice to be paid - then click Spend Money

I think the issue of not seeing fully paid invoice on the payment screen will be very helpful, over time invoices become too many and one can select an already paid invoice by mistake.

Just the problem i am facing.
It would be better that only the invoices that are not fully paid are shown in the bank screen.

Is there going to be an option for that?

Possibly. Functionality of the Cash Accounts tab is being worked on.

@ Tut
I’m facing the exact same problem as mentioned above. I use Manager for some of my customers. Once a quarter they send me their bank movements in a digital format, which I import in Manager. Some of my customers have a few customers themselves but with a lot of invoices. When I want to process the bank movements, productivity will be increased drastically when Manager would show only unpaid invoices and their respective unpaid amounts. Changing back and forth to the Cash Tab and Debtors tab is not very efficient. To be honest, it is quite frustrating. You know I love Manager, but this is still not “managed” adequately in my opinion. When a customers reference is: your invoice of February 15, that does help you a lot in finding out which invoice he paid. Therefore it would be handy if in the Cash Tab, more windows pop up with information.
Ideally it would be: invoice number, amount outstanding and invoice date. I hope you and Brucanna can convince Lubos to implement this.