Accounts payable should show unpaid invoices only

When I choose the accounts payable account. I see all the invoices I made.
Is it possible to only see the invoices which are not payed?

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Not right now but this enhancement is coming soon. The same goes for accounts receivable control account.

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Thanks. that will make my life better.

I agree with this request as I asked the same few week ago.
Great job on this software thanks.

Ditto on that aspect.

Great Software

+1 for me.

I see this post is from 2014, but i’m having the same issue.
I am running the current version 19.2.12
This is my process:
Bank accounts - uncategorized - Edit amount paid
Account - Choose accounts payable
Supplier - Choose supplier
Invoice(optional) - every invoice I’ve ever entered is on the list

Please advise how to only show unpaid invoices.

Many thanks.

You cannot.

Oh well. You can’t have everything. Manager still kills MYOB

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This could also apply to the “Employees” tab.

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