Receive Money Possible Update

Is it possible when you received money using the banking screen, and then you choose accounts receivable, You see all of your sales invoices, is there a way of only seeing the invoices that are outstanding and not the ones that have been paid?

It will be possible to “archive” invoices in future so they won’t show in autocomplete fields.

However, if you are not sure what invoice customer is paying, why not just allocate their payment to Customer credits account and let Manager automatically match received money against outstanding invoices?

This archive feature will be great. As far as allocating Money to the oldest invoice, its ok, but it could cause an issue, if there is a missing invoice, the system could allocate money to a missing invoice.

Thank you once again for a quick response.

If there is a missing invoice, you can always enter missing invoices retrospectively. Manager will automatically reallocate the credit as if the invoice was always there.