Paying several supplier invoices on one payment

How do I allocate a payment to a supplier to several invoices? At the moment I pay each invoice individually but it makes the Bank reconciliation awkward


Click on Bank Accounts tab, click on statement balance (blue figure) then click spend money.

Enter Payee, description ( ie pay invoices xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx ) then click on account and scroll down and select Supplier Credits then select supplier.

Enter the totals of all the invoices you wish to pay then select how you wish to pay (by bank account or cash)

Click create.

Make sure the total you wish to pay equalls the total of all the invoices.

Check Purchase Invoice tab, all your invoices have been paid. :smile:


You can that like this:

  • click on Bank Accounts tab,
  • choose a Bank account,
  • click on bleu link with heading “Statement balance”,
  • click on button “Spend money”,
  • in the account columnn; choose creditors and you will get a extra colum “Purchase invoice”,
  • add as many lines as you need.

The only small setback is that manger doesn’t fill out the amount due.

What I regret if I do it the way he did not show the same amount when you select the invoice.

Yes, Hans, this is a set back. It would be nice to have the amount due filled in.

We get to select the invoices that we would like to pay, and the amount just gets filled in. We can cross check this with the supplier’s statement of account. Then we can click paid.

Similarly, for the account receivables. We can select which invoices that the customers has paid, and the amount gets filled in. And we can cross check the total with the amount paid by the customer. Then we can known which invoices have been missed by the customer that would require payment.

The first method proposed by itmoto is neat if customers didn’t miss the sequence of the invoices during payment. Same goes for us. But, let say if we missed adding 1 invoice, then the whole sequence will be out of sync, and will have to be correctly.

Yes. It’s good to understand this in case customer payes, for instance, several small invoices and leaves out the big one in the middle.

Maybe I should point out, even when this is (old) topic, that Bank Accounts tab has been merged with Cash Accounts tab.