Security Feature

Dear Manager Team. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this software. Amazing.
I’m thinking to subscribe to the server one. Great quality.
The reason why I have not done so yet is because I’m looking for 256-bit security. (I think I wrote it correctly, sorry if wrong).
Please, upgrade to the bank-level security. Accountants sometimes store very sensitive info as a supporting document & we would prefer the best security level for where we store it.
Other than that- THE BEST ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE EVER! Thank you!

Just use a openVPN and set whatever security level you want. Mine is 512-bit

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You don’t subscribe to the server edition; you buy it and run it yourself, and you would be responsible for security. Perhaps you are referring to the cloud edition? That’s a monthly subscription.

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yes, the cloud edition, sorry

When you use cloud edition, you are automatically accessing it over HTTPS protocol which is protected by 256-bit encryption.

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Thank you.