Searching customers

just wondering if the “search” feature in customers can be extended to all data in customer files or at least to include not just the telephone but the mobile phone number also? i think others have even asked for addresses too?

Guys I know this is an old request but the crew are consistently asking us for this type of ability as Tash has mention and raised above. We also would like at least the mobile number field to be added to the available search criteria please. (Searching address will be a bonus)
If this is a work in progress or under consideration or not considered it will be nice to know so that we can get the boys off my back.
I can see the difficulty as many people have both fixed and / or only “Mobile” phone numbers so this leaves a big hole in Manager’s ability to find these customers based on only mobile phone number.
Inserting the mobile number into the already populated Telephone number field is not practical.

Just create custom fields for for Customers under settings see screenshot below as example.

So address field is not possible? However ticking the “Show Custom field as a column” for Mobile Number is sufficient in the case for these guys. Many thanks eko.

You can also add address field, i.e. in the same way. You can add as many custom fields as you like.

We use the custom field for addresses, shown as a column, which works to search on addresses BUT it does mean that each time we add a new customer, we add their address into the Billing Address, copy, and then scroll down to paste into the custom field. It’s an extra step. Not a big deal, but would be great to have a tick box for addresses and mobile phones to be added as a column, negating the need to double up on information in the customer input screen.

On a related matter, I enter my customer’s eBay usernames in the “Notes” field of the Manager customer database. But when I try to search for the eBay username, Manager does not bring up the customer’s details. I guess the search function does not check the “Notes” field either. :-/

Searches are confined to content displayed on screen. This is clearly explained in the relevant Guide.

I do hope searching on address becomes formalised at some point. :+1:

If you use custom field for address and show as column then you can search it. As @Tut explained only what is shown can be searched.