Search on address

Does anybody know if it is possible to search on address in customers list?

The search function seem to only search the columns displayed. So you can search on email addresses, telephone numbers, and names, but not addresses.

So if a company go broke and starting again under a new mane on the same address, it is not easy to check?

Not in Manager. But perhaps you can search government business registrations? I know you can in some jurisdictions.

I was about to ask “this”, for me this is important because it’s easier to me to search by village instead of name, in customers view.
In new invoice view, we should be able to enter data from addres form to but manager will return just the customer name(search customer name form).

You cannot do that. Unless you have a very old and out-of-date version of Manager, you must select the customer before you can enter address data. This is because customers are subaccounts of the Accounts receivable control account. Addresses are not part of this identification, so address information is only available after the customer has been selected.

If your version is so old that you can enter an address first, you should update it.

may be my English is weird :innocent:, but I’m talking exactly about this “you must select the customer before”, when we enter the name, enter instead something from address, manager will return customers with that address

Your English is not weird. I understood perfectly. But you cannot do what you ask, and the program structure would have to be changed to allow it.

sometimes is hard to identify the customer just by his name, multiple customers, same name.

That is why there is a Code field on the Customer entry screen. This could be a number, initials, or as in your case, something that would indicate village as well as customer. (They must be unique.) So a customer named Juan Ramos in the town of Madalena might be given the code MADRAMJ. As you search for him, start typing either his name or his village, and the Code will return matching options. If there is more than one Juan Ramos in the same town, add numbers.

Address Search - Has this made it to ideas? Also found some other old requests for this search expansion.


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