Search by phone number in sales invoice windows

When we are in the sales invoice window, if we go to the search box at the top right corner of the manager sales invoice window. If we type a customer phone number (that we know is in the database).
Manager is returning no data. If we were to do the same search in the customers window, manager would return the customer details.

If the search box in the sales invoice windows could also interrogate the phone number field in the customer records when searching the data base this would be greatly appreciated.


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The search function searches the information in the sales invoice, where the phone number does not appear. It does not search other potentially related information in the database. The search in the Customers tab works the same way.

Although I haven’t checked this out, I believe that if you add a custom field to your sales invoice with the customer’s phone number, it would bring up the invoices that contained that phone number.

Not sure if this helps, but it is a work around.
What I do is add the phone # to the “Invoice Summary”. ex. Sheena called from Canal Loft and need phone # changed 1-310-555-5555.

Another way to do it is to create a custom field under settings, then sales invoices, make sure to click “show custom field as a column”. And type the information there.
Here is an example I created a custom field called “History” to know what we did out at a certain address. ex. 04/25/2016 - Called Peggie (1-424-555-5555) and informed her we would be out tomorrow morning.
This shows up on the sales invoice general page and you can search for it.