Need customization in customer's section / all other entries?

I think this would be really useful for all of us if we can customize each section of the main menu entries inside it.


Our business has a lot of customers and I need to easily see their emails and mobile phone numbers so I can contact them in one click, however, to see the number/email - I need to click EDIT button to enter the particular contact. It is a bit inconvenient.


Add a feature that enables us to add custom columns such as telephone number, or email so we can see it when clicking “customer’s” section.

Would be also cool to have this feature in other main menu entries, such as suppliers, employees, etc.
I might be blind by the way, if there is a solution to my problem - please lead me there guys =)

It already exists under 0 Settings tab > 0 Cust Fields Logo

Read this Guide

I think I read a while back that some in-built fields have been converted to custom fields? Is this correct? If so does this include Customer mobile and telephone fields.
I am using an earlier version at present which doesn’t have this new feature.

Telephone and Mobile is converted to custom fields.
Email is still a default field as this is used to send various forms by email from within Manager.

you may update to the latest version and check everything for yourself.

Thanks for confirming.
I will update shortly after confirmation any bugs have been resolved.

All known bugs are listed here: The only one affecting custom fields the one about date formats. But this has effect on functionality, only the format of custom field dates.

There were a couple other bugs when non-essential fields were converted to custom fields. They have long since been fixed. The only issue you might encounter would be if you already have a custom field with the same label as one of the previously built-in fields on the same transaction form. The solution is to edit one or the other to have a slightly different name.

Thanks @Tut, it was more the live bug now that ha been reported System error when viewing themes
Will wait until there are no reported bugs else will have to update again when that one has been fixed.

To be clear, @itmoto, if you already have a custom theme, it will transfer and work. You will also be able to edit it. But to see the results of editing, you will need to go back out of Settings and view a transaction in one of the tabs.

Thanks @Tut understood.
Looking forward to testing the new enhancements, been wanting to add customers mobile to quotes now for some time.