Request - expand search function to include customer address

We recently had a staff member incorrectly record a customer’s name after completing a job. I was unable to search for this existing customer by address so it took a while to track them down on the system. Is it possible to extend the search function to include addresses?

Search function works across visible columns. Address is not a visible column. I think the way to solve this in future is that you will be able to select which columns should be shown under each tab.

So if you would want to search by address, you would make the address column visible, then search and hide it when you are done.


Thanks, this would be fine, similar I imagine to the show/hide worksheet option in Excel. Have you considered a Global Search function though?

Server Version 19.11.76 It does not look like this feature request has been introduced? We really needed it today to find a customer related thing. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place to make address column visible, could someone confirm if this is working or not yet introduced please?

Not yet introduced.