Search option in Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts

Hey everyone,

I have a lot of bank accounts and a couple of cash accounts. I like to keep things separate by splitting my funds between different banks, platforms, wallets, etc. I have noticed that there’s no search feature in Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts like Receipts and Payments, going through 3 pages of bank accounts is really annoying :sweat_smile:

Let me know if this is possible or maybe not needed.
Thanks in advance :blush:

It’s true, unlike every other tab, tere’s no search function for bank and cash accounts tabs.

This should be in ideas.

@Tut, @Abeiku, @Brucanna, could you please take a look here.

Honestly, I never noticed the absence of a search function. But no business I’ve been associated with has ever had so many accounts they didn’t all show on one screen. I’ve put this into ideas.

@Lord_Toast, if you have several pages worth of accounts, do you see the option to control the number displayed per page at the bottom left? And are you aware you can sort (and reverse sort) by clicking the column headings?

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Wow! I never noticed this, thanks @Tut . This will make it a bit easier and yes … I have 116 accounts :rofl:

It could be that @Lord_Toast is using a digital envelope system as he refers to wallets as well in the absence of a solid budget management system in Manager (the one there is too basic). This could lead to pages of accounts when creating an “envelope” (= similar to budget) for many expense accounts such as fuel, rent, etc.

In addition that search functionality would indeed be recommended for such it should be also seen in light of maybe (not urgent) improving the budget management side of things in Manager.

Added to the latest version (21.4.9)


Amazing! Thank you, it works great!