Bank/Cash receipt does not display Bank/Cash account name by default

Good Day,
Please have a look at the two receipts of cash transaction & bank transaction. If these receipts are reviewed later, there is no way to trace to which bank or cash accounts this receipt refers to.

The item that is encircled are inputs made by our accountant. Otherwise, there is no mention or reference to trace which bank or cash transaction the receipt is related.

It would be very helpful if the print-out of these receipts could show by default the name of bank/cash accounts against which the transaction is made.


The problem with your suggestion is that receipts are given to customers for cash sales, too. The customer has no business knowing what account you used.

The receipt has an automatic sequence number to lead you back to the transaction details. Remember, Manager is an electronic system. Paper records are not really meant to replace the electronic record.

@tut You are right in your sense. But, in our case, our accounts Manager needs to sign both the cheque and the receipt and he has no way to make sure if the transaction has been posted appropriately to correct bank/cash account without consulting the entries in the Manager Account . This would not be required if the bank/account names are displayed in the relative receipts. It will save lot of time for executives.

Perhaps, there can be an option in the receipt to put off the display in the receipt if some user doesn’t want to display the bank/account names.

It will be a great help if @lubos could look into the possibility for this feature


So if you require the executive to review the transaction before signing a cheque, why not have her review the actual transaction instead of a paper version? The printed view does not contain the posting account anyway.

Further, receipts are not used when writing cheques.

Our method is to prepare receipt first before signing the cheque. According our work flow chart, both the cheques & the receipt are presented together to executive for signing before handing over the same to payee/payer. It would be fast work and save lot of time if the account name is displayed right there in the receipt instead of having executive to check to locate the actual transaction in the computer and then sign it. Wouldn’t it save lot of time if the name is displayed and she can make sure of the posting correctness before signing?

If it is possible to add this feature, I am sure, it will be helpful to many other users and not just us. An option to put off the display in the receipt could let other users to hide the display if they want that way.

I must appreciate that MANAGER is really user friendly with its simplicity but perfectness and with so many options and variations. With the above addition, it would let the user more flexibility & choice.


I have made this request before. I think if the option is available to hide or show the bank or cash used, it would be beneficial. I have created a custom feild I use for that purpose. We have 13 bank account, mistakes can easily happen. It important that we show the bank related to the receipt or spend. Having the option to let Manager do it would be excellent

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@Abeiku it’s nice to know that you feel the necessity too. Frankly, it would be a really helpful feature. The bank/cash receipt is not just used for customer, it’s also retained as a copy in our records to ascertain which authority sanctioned the payment. On the other hand, it’s also useful as a voucher for audit purposes. I wonder why and how Manager missed on this important feature.

If other users feel the same way that addition of this option would be helpful feature, posting their views here will let Manager team realise that a salient feature is missing in the Manager

What @Tut said is the real reason why cash account / bank account name is omitted from the view.

Thinking about this, perhaps there is no harm showing it.

If customer has made direct deposit into your bank account, then giving them a receipt which shows which bank account money was deposited into is not revealing new information. The same goes for receiving cash.

If you really don’t want customer to see bank account name or cash account name, custom theme which filters out this information would be one way to address this.

It seems unfriendly to force a user to use a custom theme with filtering to prevent accounts from being broadcast to outsiders. If you decide to implement the ability to show accounts on payment and receipt forms, I think that should be something you opt into, not something you have to possibly engage a programmer to avoid.

When you think about that, recipient would see account name only. And account name doesn’t have to contain any sensitive information. I’d say it would be unusual for anyone wanting to hide it. Or am I thinking about it the wrong way?

I’m thinking about cash sales or purchases, where the payment or receipt form is given as documentation of the transaction. The customer/supplier should never see account information.

I think everyone who has expressed a desire for this feature is considering only internal transaction documentation, such as when you make a bank deposit or withdrawal.

I actually realized this problem can be solved by custom fields.

First you define custom field on bank account or cash account and make sure Show custom field on printed documents is checked. Then edit bank account or cash account to make sure custom field has text.

Your custom field will be then automatically shown on every bank/cash transaction.

Technically you can create a custom field called “Bank account” and put into this field the name of the bank account, then it will show on your bank transactions.

You will need the latest version (18.7.60) as previous versions wouldn’t show custom field on bank/cash transactions.


That solves it.

@lubos, I tried out. Yes, it’s perfectly achieved with your suggestion. It’s makes the programme more useful to individual need. If you want to show, it’s there, if you wish to hide it, you can do that too.

Thanks a lot @lubos, I should say wonder man is perfect word for you