Search in Notes field is not working


I have noticed that Search function is not searching in Notes field, if the keyword is in Notes field transactions is not included in search results. Is this how it should be? Should I put all narrative into Description field?


Manager 17.4.93

The Search function searches only what is displayed on the screen you are viewing when using it. It does not search all contents of forms.

OK then, what is then purpose of Notes field in general? It is not copied, it is not being searched, probably I misinterpreted its purpose.

In some forms, like sales invoices, the Notes are copied unless overridden by default text.

There is no explicit, defined purpose for Notes. They originally provided the only option for adding anything, such as payment terms, to invoices and other forms. Then custom fields were added. From a software perspective, Notes are now just a custom field that has already been created for you. You can use both in lots of different ways on different forms. Ask 100 users and you’ll probably get 120 answers.