Cloning does not copy Notes content


When Clone’ing transaction, content of Note field is not being cloned (when everything else is). Is that how it should be?

Manager: 17.4.93
OS: KDE Neon

Two questions:

  1. What form are you cloning?
  2. Do you have default Notes text set for that form? If you do, a new, cloned form will have the default text.
  1. Bank deposit or payment
  2. No, I do not have, I expect Clone to make identical transaction for me.

I suspect the thinking is that no two transactions involving cash receipts or payments are truly the same. While cloning can save you entry time, you are always going to have to edit the transaction. You’ll notice there is no option for default text for these transactions, either.

Ye, but for that purpose (separating transactions) is the Invoice/order/bill/cheque number (at sql level is unique indexing), NOTES field never cannot be unique identifier, therefore I do not think that it is bad Idea to copy it with the rest of the transaction.

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