Order Number on Invoice

I cannot believe the Order Number from the Sales Invoice is gone!! This is where I would put Purchase Order numbers from Clients who inisist it be on invoices that I submit and they will not pay if it is not included. I can have the same PO for multiple invoices because of the way my clients operate and now it is gone and all that is left is a select box that now forces me to do up another form. Can I have the Order Number text field back please?! I am actually here searching for an old install of Manager so that I can get it back! Having it in my columns was also so convenient to search by. Sigh and sigh again. Very disappointed.

Please search the forum for many discussions of this issue and the reasons for the change. I will be closing this topic.

The obsolete order field was meant for a sales order number, not your customer’s purchase order, and was replaced by a field explicitly tied to sales orders (if you are using them). Nevertheless, you can still have exactly what you had before with a custom field.

It is not clear what you mean by “do up another form,” but you don’t need any extra form.