Search Box Enhancement

I have been trying to track down, and correct some payments. This involves doing a search for a company in (maybe) Receipts and Payments, then get the invoice, correcting it and then go back to the Receipts and payments where I have to retype each time, my search string. I wonder if the search string could remain populated so that each screen you go to, it only displays the items of interest. Then maybe have a ‘cross’ next to it to clear the box.

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What version are you using?

In Windows Desktop version, I can enter text in the Search, and then on the list results, I right click on the EDIT button and select open in a new window, edit the transaction in the new window and update. Then go back to the search results and select the next and so on

Sorry, I should have said. I’m using the cloud edition. It doesn’t seem to behave in the same way.

When you (1) Search for some text string, (2) Edit one of the returned transactions, and (3) Update the transaction, you are taken back to the results of the search, which still shows the search string. The behavior you describe is not consistent with how the program functions. Perhaps you left out a step you are taking, such as manually clicking again on the Receipts & Payments tab? The key is simply to let the program take you back to the page from which you entered the Edit mode. The program generally returns you to wherever you began the last operation throughout.

Yes, the example you provide works fine. Go to Receipts and Payments and type in your search string. Pick one of the entries and then click ‘view’. You see that the payment is in respect of Invoice #123. So you go to Sales invoices and you now have lost the search string. OK - in this example you can find #123 fairly easily but it would be good if this still had the same filter criteria to make it easier. You then correct the problem, and click on Receipts and Payments for further investigation and the search string is now empty so you have to type it in again.

But why would you do what you describe, @netconuk? You have searched for and found the offending transaction. Why would you not go directly to it? If you go there by clicking Edit on the screen showing the search results, you will return to that screen after correcting the invoice. If you go to it by clicking Edit while viewing the invoice, you will return to the View screen for it, where you can verify the results.

The one thing you would not want to do is abandon the results of your search by clicking into the Sales Invoices tab. Remember, Manager is a browser. And each click on a tab in the left navigation pane is effectively like entering a new URL in the address bar. After clicking Update on any screen, you return to the previous page, in other words, to the screen from which you got to the Edit screen.

Nevertheless, if you want to return to your Search results, just click on the Receipts & Payments link in the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen. Or use the Back arrow to page back to the Search results.