Invoice link in receipt

when i record a new receipt for an invoice in last version it gives me a link to the invoice but now there is nothing if you could please put it again the link it will be good or make it automatically redirect to the invoice this will be better

It is not clear what you are referring to. Whenever you create a new transaction in Manager, the program displays the transaction you just created. It has never created links to other transactions.

What you may be remembering is that when viewing an existing sales invoice, there used to be a button to Receive money, which brought up a receipt entry form prefilled with information from the invoice. That feature is still available, but the button now says New Receipt.

I agree
I also would like to get an option to go back to the invoice.
Because in our company we have to print the invoice of the customer.

I think I understand what he means.
Before when you created an invoice and clicked receive money, you select the type of pyment and after that you get the (cash or bank) receipt.
You could click the links with which the receipt is affected.
Something similar to this.


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What you are referring to are the “breadcrumbs.” They are still there and still work in the same way. The links are not to things which are affected. The breadcrumbs show the path taken to get to the page being viewed, beginning with entrance to the tab you are in.

What has changed is that the path is now much shorter, so there are fewer links to show. Non-existent links cannot be added back to breadcrumbs, because those pages were not passed through and, in many cases, no longer exist.

So the option to go back to invoice from recipt is not possible anymore.
You have to go to invoices and then search for the specific invoice to print.
Because currently there is a extra step that was not there before.
This is important for our company because the customer has to know what they have ordered.
Right now, in the receipt the customer can not see what specifically he/she ordered.

review this post i think lubos will fix it

I was going to add the following to my earlier post, but you reposted first.

When you have entered a receipt by clicking New Receipt while viewing a sales invoice, you will be shown the receipt you just created. To go back to the sales invoice, hit the Back button twice. The first hit takes you back to the receipt entry screen, the second to the sales invoice where you started. So there is no need to go the Sales Invoices tab and search again for the invoice.

I also wonder why, if you are going to take in the receipt immediately, while the customer is still present, why you are entering sales invoices at all. You can just enter the receipt directly. For more about this, see Manager Cloud.

why you didn’t make it simple you did it before first you make it automatically redirect to the sale invoice that was excellent then you put the invoice link in the receipt page no problem with that @lubos

I honestly cannot remember how it was before, but I would also like to see breadcrumbs reference the invoice being paid. I think that fits with everything else within the program as wlell. Copy a quote to an order and the breadcrumbs show the original quote as a link to get back to.

watch this video @Tut

Actually this was a bug (fixed in the latest version 18.8.88).

When you create new receipt from sales invoice, you shouldn’t lose breadcrumb. As you can see in the screenshot below, you should be able to click on the invoice you came from after creating new receipt.