Search box enhancement

I’ll try to describe the problem I am facing. Pls refer to the attachment.

I want to filter my customers located in Singapore for balances under Customers tab. When I search “Singapore” Manager shows all info where “Singapore” is common. Whereas Excel Singapore is the name of company located in Germany.

Since there is no other way to filter customer and their balances. I would request you to enhance search box by column search, match case or by any other better solution you come up with. Looking forward to hear from you.

Search function is basic on purpose. It’s designed to make it easier to find what you are looking for in large lists. It’s not meant to give you a list that exactly fits your needs. It is only meant to narrow down visible rows for easier lookup.

If you want exact list, this is where Custom Reports come into play. However custom reports still need to expose more fields (including custom fields) to give you the list you are after. I’m working on it.