Bank account, search to not include some contacts


I love manager and its vision to keep accounting simple.

I am managing my wife’s small hobby business for online jewellery and we have a few bank accounts to manage the business.

My question is regarding the search field shown in bank accounts after selecting one account, each transaction shows up a contact. Is it possible to exclude or filter a person name to not show up so I can see which transactions remain needs to be resolved easily/quickly.


@lubos has mentioned that more advanced search capabilities will be coming in the future. For right now, the search function compares the text string entered in the search box to the entire record. It will look at everything from the date to contact person to the transaction description. The more text you enter, the more specific the search will be.


Ok, no worries.
Thank you for giving me an understanding where your at.
I will use a workaround of finding things in the meantime.
Keep up with the good work.


Just to let you all know that I had installed manager to the latest version 15.0.88 as I was interested in searching across accounts as an alternative to not entering text in the contact field in the short term.
I am very pleased that the method of searching across all accounts have reduced my admin time by half.
Many thanks for this great software and all staff involved in making this work.