Search Bar - Contains Only

Hi all,

Is there a way to search only a text needed?

In the example below, i wanted to show only NBB and not the NBB - CREDIT CARD, is it possible?

Thank you.

Yes. Enter NBB - CREDIT CARD in the Search field. I know that is not really what you asked, but that is the only way to do it. Manager’s Search function returns every entry that contains the literal string you search for. This is what makes it possible to find First National Consolidated Bank and Insurance Corporation by entering only Fir.

You can obtain exactly what you want by using a more descriptive name for your NBB bank account, such as NBB - main and then searching for main. Just edit the bank account definition to implement such a change.

  • Click on the “Bank account” heading and all the NBB will be grouped together, then scroll to the “NBB” section.

  • Otherwise @Tut is correct, add a unique string to the account you want to exclusively find, then search for that

  • Or to directly answer your actual questions: No, No