How to search for an amount

Just that really. When going through bank entries, how do I search for a specific amount? Sparky and Tut in August '15 seem to indicate there is a way. But it doesn’t work for me - with commas or without. Any suggestions?

In the Bank Accounts tab, click the blue balance amount for the account you want to search. When the ledger appears, enter the amount in the Search field at the top right and click Search button.

You don’t have to enter the entire amount. For example, if you are searching for an entry of 4,567.33, you could just enter 4 or 33 or 4,5. All these would return the desired entry, as well as any others that contained those characters. But you must understand that Manager’s search capability is a text string search, not a numerical search. You could not, for instance, enter 4567 and get the entry, because the comma is missing.

You can also search on anything else in the transaction: date, payee, words in the description, etc. So if you remember any little thing about the transaction, you should be able to find it easily. But do not add additional content in the hope of making the search more complete. Manager is not Google. For example, if search for a transaction where you paid ACME MARKETING for ADVERTISING DESIGN SERVICES ON BROCHURE, do not enter a search string of “marketing design brochure,” because you won’t find that text string. But if you entered “ACME Marketing” or “services on brochure” you would find it.

I see thank you.

So a search for ‘40.00’ brings up results but ‘£40.00’ or -40.00 does not. And just ‘40’ brings up all the references that include ‘40’.

That last bit for anyone reading this later.