Screenshots on your website not well visible. But very good program!

Screenshots | Manager. I think it would be great if you made each screenshot magnifiable. - Anyway I did download the free program and have today posted soon 20 verifications for my personal home needs and I am happy with this program, since I have tried some other free programs that were to difficult for me and/or had not double posting, that I was accustomed to from an old costly but somewhat priced down program (and find easy) that only functions with Windows Xp.

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I believe you would discover they don’t tell you anything. Those are just illustrations meant to hint at the range of transactions and reports available. If you want to learn about the program, read the Guides. They are all extensively illustrated. More importantly, they explain the program.

I agree that the Screenshots should support magnification. The screenshots on the home page serve a very different purpose from the guides.

The homepage screenshots are to quickly show prospective new users what Manager is all about, what it looks like, what it offers etc. This has nothing to do with learning how to use the program. A visitor who comes across the website to review different accounting programs, will be looking at the screenshots initially and only after narrowing down the list of accounting programs to review will they then be looking at the guides.

I fully support the request to provide better views of the screenshots as this is the first impression formed of the program and first impressions do count. I have frequently been put off websites where I can’t see the image properly because you can’t magnify it and the details are out of focus. So I fully agree with this request as it does affect sales.


I think that’s easily solvable by taking screenshots from a bigger monitor, maybe a TV.

That also reminds me of something. The document canvas aligned to the left looks weird on a widescreen monitor. Just saying :slightly_smiling_face: