User Interface, not the specific, but the general


Manager is great. I think the number of users on this forum should show that! :slight_smile:
Also, the layout, or, the way-things-are-organised is also great. I have never struggled to find something, not for long anyway. I can navigate it quickly. The layout isn’t the issue I want to raise.

Problem (Web UI)

I have 2 scenarios where my problem is evident. I think the problem could be summarised as:

The way manager uses space, is a problem for low resolution and/or small screens.:thinking:

  1. If I only have one screen, and I want to work from a web page, or bank statement, moving manager into a window makes it pretty difficult to use effectively.

  2. Using manager on a cell phone is not fun.

The above are both things I think manager should be able to do well. Whilst they both have work arounds, manager can be that whole wack better if we can fix these things…

Someone who’s Web UI I enjoy

GitLab have a beautiful UI, I think anyway. It adjusts for screen size rather than res, and has a nice menu bar at the top, and left.


I have taken a number of pictures of the issues I mentioned, and the UI I think could help. But, they require some fudging.

Please let me know if the pictures would be useful, I will then fudge them where need be and upload.

Extra Bits (More verbose)

  1. I know that manager has some pretty powerful aims that it’s developers wish to achieve. I have left out the reference to them above for brevity sake. I don’t wish to change them. Rather, apply them better in these scenarios.
  2. I use manager only now and again on mobile, but it is useful. As far as I can see, there are two ways to approach mobile. 1. Pan and scroll and zoom. Let the users get where they want. 2. Adjust the webpage to fit the screen. I like both, they have their place. However, the first is terrible if you want to quickly add an invoice. Or, if you want to just quickly get the price. Maybe, instead of a Web UI adjustment, we actually need a mobile site to run in addition to it? I think that might actually be best. Identify the places a user wants to access on mobile the most, and have those well displayed on a mobile page. Also, no, I don’t think a mobile app is a good idea.
  3. The split the screen thing has annoyed me for ages. Shortcuts will help… But nothing beats having everything on one screen, and eliminating horizontal scrolling. I can’t create an invoice without having to scroll left and right.
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The issue of scrolling has been raised before and the developer is aware of it. At the moment, his focus is on adding whatever is on the roadmap, but eventually this issue will be addressed. I expect that he will use something similar to CSS3 coding to make the LHS 30% and the RHS 70% width and auto height as this will address the issue of scrolling on computers (with any resolution monitor) as well as address the issue for mobile phones- in my opinion it is the only way to address the issue of various screen sizes. Alhtough for mobile phones he will have to collapse the LHS Menu for Manager to be usable on phones.

What I did with my website is I created two media screens in my CSS coding and set if screen is min width 900px or if screen is max width 900px - then it does different things depending on width of screen. For screens less than 900px what I did was I set the width to 50% of screen so what this did was it showed the LHS of the computer screen as full screen on the phone and then you scroll down to view the RHS of the computer screen and so on. So you only have to scroll up and down on the phone, but no left and right on the phone!

Anway once the items on the roadmap are complete, the developer will no doubt look into this issue as quite a few people have raised it, myself included. Lubos I am happy to provide my CSS coding if that would help with screen size use for Manager.