I go to Then I open screenshots and get

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Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

This I can read but the rest is to faded. Any method I can make them nice and crisp to read/view.
Thank you

No. Those images are not meant to be instructive. They are only meant to show a range of views from the program. This is no different than any online shopping illustration. Whatever its resolution, you can only blow it up so far before it becomes pixelated and unreadable.

Useful illustrations of functions are found in the Guides:

Thanks Tut

In my opinion the page would be useful if it was readable.

By that I mean I assume it is there as it provides a quick graphical summary of Mangers capabilities aimed at those who are new to Manger. A useful function. The images are currently stored on the web site at a resolution below that required to read the writing. So while someone experienced in manger maybe able to recognise the screens, a potential Manager user will have no idea what is being shown and find it only frustrating.

I agree the images are stored as a bit mapped image so will become pixelated when magnified. However if the images are stored at an adequate resolution that will not prevent the displayed text from being readable. Storing it at 1/3 of normal screen resolution distracts from it’s value in my opinion