Screen Font difficult to read

Struggling for a while with the screen font - eg Reports - particularly the “blue” bold figures.
The “6” and “5” are very similar and it is easy to misread.
See example below.

Looking back at threads others have reported this.
it was suggested that the Manager system default fonts are Helvetica neue & Helvetica neue (Bold). These are not in the latest Windows 10 so I have installed them but there is no difference.
I do not think Themes changes the screen fonts?

I have tried changing the fonts in both Chrome and Firefox but makes no difference in Manager?

Can someone confirm which default fonts should be available in Windows 10?
Is there anyway of selecting a particular font for screen Summary/Reports?


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this maybe an issue with your Windows display settings. settings like clear text, zoom, etc can affect the way the text is displayed. you should adjust the settings accordingly.
below is a screenshot from my latest Windows version.
as you can see the digits 6 and 5 are easily distinguishable.

the developer in a previous topic had mentioned that Manager uses fonts in the below order.

  1. Helvetica Neue
  2. Helvetica
  3. Arial
  4. Sans-serif

it wont. Manager uses IE settings. so if you think the issue is with fonts, then try changing settings for IE.

Thanks for that.
The font you use is clearly different to mine - eg the bottom loop of my “5” is almost closed so it looks like a “6” and the height is much lower. I will experiment with fonts and see if I can get a better one to work.

Continuing the discussion from Screen Font difficult to read:

I have completely removed Helvecia Nueu from my computer.
In Internet Explorer - Options - Fonts. Selected, say, Cambria. (Checked that Helvecia Nueu is not listed). I have also tried Times New Roman and Calibri.
Reboot and Restart Manager - no change to screen font.
So I think the Manager screen font in my computer is now Helvecia but unable to remove this font it as it is used by Dell monitor.
Does anyone have any other ideas about how to change the manager screen font? IE does not seem to work.
Thank you.

As a further follow up.
I have now managed to remove Helvecia font from my computer and the issue with “5’s” looking like “6’s” is resolved. The font is initially not removable. To remove Helvecia involved running “regedit” and deleting the 12 font variations one by one.