Scanning and saving receipts on local hard drive

I would like to know that when this feature of attaching the receipts and saving them on local hard drive be available?

Did I promise attachments to be saved on local hard-drive? I was more thinking along the line to integrate Manager with online services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. At least these are my latest thoughts in order to keep backups straightforwards and experience between desktop, cloud and server editions the same.

Most of these online services allow syncing with local hard-drive though.

This feature hasn’t been released yet but working on it.

Rather than actually saving them, I think it would be more useful to be able to reference an attachment that is already there. If qualified by the full UNC path, this could be Dropbox, Drive etc. but could also be something on the C:\ drive which would be more useful.I visualize scanning in something, or saving the text associated with an email, or a Word document and then simply make a reference to it from within Manager.

The problem is that most users wouldn’t know what UNC path is. Not to mention, if you transfer backup file from one computer to another, paths might change or will be inaccessible altogether.

I think that will be better than using Manager to do that. It will make the application use more resources and HDD space. Most users already have Dropbox or Google drive anyway.

Personally I would have thought that users were aware of where their files are. After all everyone saves Word documents or Excel into a folder somewhere which has a meaningful name off MyDocuments (talking windows). Also they have to exist physically somewhere for Manager to reference them in the first place, be it a saved E-Mail or whatever. However, going with your line of thought, could you not have a option switch to do either? This would be consistent with the saving of attachments in the body of an E-Mail or keeping them separate, or in Publisher/Word you can imbed graphics images as part of the document or just leave it as a reference on the disk.

When would the new version be available?

I would love for this feature to be added, it will make an amazing product even better. As far as storing the documents, it would be great if it can keep them locally, or the ability to set a path on an share drive. Dropbox and the likes, are OK, but I’d rather have control of where my documents are stored.

I can’t wait and hope that this feature will be added. So in the meantime, how do you manage your documents and archiving.

The old-fashioned way: a folder of receipts. Virtually everything still comes with a paper receipt, so I find scanning and saving is more work than it’s worth.

Thats Interesting Tut. Today, we have received 132 invoices, via email and 12 invoices via the mail. So I guess it different for all.

You are correct! @lubos has promised a capability in the future for attaching documents. I think that will be very valuable to someone like you.

Whilst I know this thread is a little old now and based on its opening posts, I assume that the idea to integrate this feature is even older; I just wanted to add my tuppence worth to this discussion. It’s my opinion that document storage (the single biggest missing feature for me) should work as follows:

Documents should always be stored on the computer file system (be that the local machine or server) and only referenced within Manager – they should not be stored themselves within the database. The reason for this is twofold: first, it keeps the size of the database down and second, it allows for a degree of redundancy – even in the event of a catastrophic database failure, documents may still be safe. It also means that Manager isn’t needed itself to access a document, if a user wishes to locate it directly.

A setting should be present in Manager that references the ‘root path’ for document storage – the location where all documents handled through the software will be stored and accessed from. By default, this could be the same as the Manager application data folder (shown in the About Manager tab); perhaps with a ‘docs’ sub-folder – but it should be user configurable. This would allow a user to use any cloud storage service to maintain a copy of these documents without Manager itself needing to be compatible with it. The user just has to set the storage folder to one within the cloud service’s sync folder.

When a document is ‘uploaded’ to Manager, it should ideally be added to a centralised Document Repository. Behind the scenes the file should be copied to the root path and a record added to the Repository containing a reference to just the filename (i.e., not the full path). This will keep the database compact and resources to a minimum. It also means that if the root path is changed later, every single document record does not need to be changed – only the reference to the root path in Settings.

Once stored in the Repository, it should be possible to link documents on a many-to-many basis (i.e., one document to multiple records; multiple documents to one record) to sales invoices, purchase invoices, payments and receipts. This would mean that supporting documentation can be stored wherever it is required. It might even be beneficial to add the link on a line-by-line basis.

On the Document Repository side of things, it should be possibly to query the system to view all stored documents and how they are linked to various records. It would also be useful to be able to query the system to see which documents are stored but not linked to any record. It should then be easy to create links from such records or, if necessary, delete them. Obviously it should not be possible to delete documents that are linked to records.

Finally, as receipts etc. are required as evidence of purchases in the event of an audit, it would be useful for the system to flag anything recorded as an expense that does not have a linked document.

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I appreciate all the feedback. As soon as I finish the work on a few other features, I’m finally jumping into this and I’ll be releasing bits and pieces as I will be working on this. I have also decided you will be able to store documents on local hard drive after all.


Much appreciated!
Any timelines? Coz we’ve been waiting for it since 3 months now. Trying to go live on server edition ASAP.


Just a soft reminder for the inquiry on timelines. As when is this update expected?
Best regards.

That was a well thought out feedback @BGPS. I agree with all your thoughts.
This seems to be the upgrade we’ve all been looking forward to.

Knowing it’s expected date would be of great value for our company as we want to buy the desktop and server versions. Lubos can you indicate any realistic expected date for this update?
Looking forward to your reply.


Hi there! Once again, when would this update be available? Can you state any timeline?