Image Upload

I’m currently trying to find a way to manage my receipts better, and at the moment been looking into other companies.

I was wondering if Manager had any thoughts about including receipts? Even if it was just an a simple ‘Image’ upload button when using the ‘Spend Money’ form.

I handle this “outside the system” by scanning in and saving receipts to my hard drive, organized in folders by month. I name each scan file with a reference number and description. E.g., “1401-0012 Envelopes.pdf” for the twelfth receipt (0012) scanned in 2014 (14) January (01). Then I put that reference number in the Reference field when I enter the transaction in Manager. That way I can tie transactions in Manager back to scans on my hard drive.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I currently store all mine on a hard drive too (and is backed up to DropBox). I never thought of using the reference field, thanks for that!