Attachment - Big thanks!

Downloaded latest manager today and noticed that the “Attachment” feature is now implemented. Something I have been longing to see. Started to use it right away - so far only for Purchase Invoices.
Works Great.

Huge thanks!

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Ya me too. I am very pleased about that feature. Over Christmas I will be adding all my invoices to the system and that will be good for future use.

What and how does this attachment feature helps in ?

This is for people who want to scan and save documents associated with financial transactions recorded in Manager. For example, a purchase invoice in Manager is usually created after receiving a sales invoice from a supplier. That sales invoice is normally saved as substantiation of the transaction. With the attachments feature, the actual paper does not need to be saved, only an electronic copy.

Another example is scanning and saving sales receipts from cash purchases to back up payments entered under Cash Accounts. Or travel reports can support expense claims submitted by employees.

Oh so great feature it is… is it available in mac ?

Yes. All platforms are the same. Click the button at the bottom of any form:

And enable Folders tab under Customize.

Clicking New Attachment takes me to Amazon Cloud Storage sign up
Any other options like Google Drive or a local drive?

Yes I noticed that too … We would prefer to keep the organization’s data in-house or on own private cloud / NAS solution. I will say a good job done with the Amazon Cloud integration option.

I agree with Compuit. I would also like to keep the data in-house. Why not both possibilities? Cloud and local storage?

I also agree with Compuit. And i would also like to keep the data in-house.

I concur. There are any number of reasons why it would be optimal to customise the location of where the data is saved. Almost like a backup program - you can save it locally, or to any cloud storage provider rather than having it default to just one storage provider.

Personally I want it on my computer not online.

so I am using the cloud edition do I have to purchase the $19 storage package from Amazon to be able to use the attachments feature, and is it the same cost for the desktop edition

I’m the wrong one to ask. I’m just a user. I suggest you just try it and see if it goes through or whether you get asked to pay. That will answer your question.

Yes. The feature is implemented consistently across all editions so the cost is the same in desktop edition, cloud edition and server edition.

I just discovered a problem. When trying to upload an attachment I get the below “empty” dialog box and the upload fails:

I suspect it may be related to some “maximum size” of the attachment…? Be that as it may, in any case I suggest this dialog box ought to give some information back to the user…??


Currently the limit is 5 MB per attachment. Is this happening with one particular attachment?

OK. So I guess it is due to the size.
I’m using “Sales Orders” to keep track of certain “Consultancy Contracts” and, in this instance, tried to attach the actual contract (just to have all details available in Manager if necessary). That specific attachment is above 5MB.
I realise this is most likely a quite unusual use of the “attachment feature”. Still, if it would not cause any other issues in the software, I would be very happy to see a higher limit (at least 10MB).
In any case, I propose that you add some text in the above “warning” to let the user know that the attachment is “too large”…

Not sure why the warning doesn’t show about the size being too large but can you confirm this particular attachment is over 5 MB?

Many thanks, but no thanks. The feature is great but why making it mandatory to upload files to Amazon. What’s wrong with iCloud or OneDrive or simply in-house.

What happens when your attachments are deleted from iCloud or OneDrive? Lost forever? Amazon is immutable storage. iCloud or OneDrive is not.

Another issue is that when you make a backup of your accounting file and send it to auditor or accountant, you want them to have access to those supporting attachments too (I assume). How do they access these attachments without you disclosing user credentials to your whole iCloud or OneDrive account where these attachments are stored?

In other words, iCloud or OneDrive backend wouldn’t be secure (if you share your accounting file with someone, you have to share your iCloud or OneDrive password) and it wouldn’t be durable (attachments can be deleted or lost).

This is why iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox cannot be supported. If they ever introduce immutable storage with hotlinking, then support can be added.

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