I have been reading articles on the forum about attachments, for example, the ability to upload a scanned copy of a suppliers invoice.

Has the ability to attach files been implemented yet, if so…how do I go about attaching files in Manager?

Many thanks


Not here yet.

Thanks Tut. Will look forward to having this functionality when available, will make life so much easier. Appreciate the developer has other more important priorities at the moment :slight_smile:

This is something I’m really looking forward to as well. I have every customer sign a service form before performing a repair. With my current accounting software, I have the option to attach the scanned file to my invoice.

I like the ease of use and workflow of your software better than my current accounting software, however this and the add customer from invoice creation page are the two things that are keeping me with my current software.

The moment these two features are added, you will have another customer for your Cloud accounting service.


This feature would be very helpful for Expense Claims as well. It would create a nice audit trail if I could attach the receipt to the expense claim when processing.


Any news on when attachments will be available? I really need to attached invoices recieved, so I can keep everything in one place.

Many thanks

Any news on this option?

Please add file attachments function to payslip.

Do you have estimated road map for this that would be great?


I would appreciate Attachments as well.


Agree 100%. Attachments would be great. The places I would specifically want to see this is for “Expense Claim”, “Billable Expenses” and “Purchase Invoice”.

The question is would we want to pay for the extra bandwidth and storage required

Hmm… But it would be up to everyone to use it or not use it I guess… Also, I would argue that both bandwidth and storage are cheap these days as compared to the cost for handling/filing these things in the traditional way.

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Attachements was the killer feature for me, and has been on the cards for a long time now. I was under the impression that it would be in place by the end of 2015. I did continue to use Manager in the hope this was coming, but unfortunately, I have had to move everything to another accounting package. It took ages to move everything, so it is unlikely I will move back. Sorry.

Signing out of Manager now. Wish you all well.


Any updates on this?

It’s on the roadmap, but there are never dates announced:

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Let’s hope this feature will be coming soon. Many of the users are looking forward to upload attachments. For me I would use the attachment feature in the invoices tab for purchased products, so that you have the possibility to see the original invoice of the company or vendor.

It was already launched several weeks ago:

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I see it now forget to update my :-S, my mistake. Fantastic feature for the users!