Same items added multiple times in inventory


Is there any way to make sure the same item doesnt get added twice in the inventory. I am facing issues where my team or sometimes me myself, end up adding the same items in the inventory not realizing this was already added before. Then when I make purchase invoices, or Sales invoices, the numbers dont tally because purchase may end up being from one entry and sale from another entry made at earlier time.


Lubos, can you please take a look at this question.


I understand what you are requesting, @thauseef. No doubt, it would be a useful feature. But your request also shows a need for accounting discipline and protocols, which are necessary even for a single-person business. Who is allowed to create inventory items? How should they be named and/or numbered? What procedures will be used to avoid the type of duplication you mention? Who will audit the system to be sure the approved process is being followed?

The feature you desire would be useful for some of these things, but the others (and additional ones, as well) are still necessary. The accounting tool you choose cannot substitute for management, any more than it can ensure expenses are assigned to the correct accounts. You must still define how a tool will be used.


Tut, In my business model, we add inventory as and when we come across requirements, and then sell them. I agree in a larger business scenario, i could have someone hired for just the management, but for a small business, i want every member of my team to be able to add inventory, quote, sell and take up multiple roles. Which is why a feature on the software itself to not allow duplicates will really aid me.

I could enforce a rule that everyone in my team should check the existing inventory list before adding a product… but i really believe this is a feature that should be taken care by the software itself.