Duplicate items on the invoice

Duplicate items on the invoice
How can the manager alert that the item was previously included in the invoice?

Not sure what the question is as every invoice you create is unique and I am not ware of any software to date that can understand that there was a duplication error. You simply have to check yourself.

In another discussion @Tut kindly asked if one temporarily can set Manager to English as the ligua franca of this Forum so that we can help where needed.

What if the business sells service item that are the same but use manual description to identify them. The notification/warning would become really annoying really quickly.

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Manager will not do this. One of the design philosophies of the program is to allow you to do anything that does not violate accounting principles. An item might be duplicated for valid reasons. @Ealfardan mentioned service items that could be distinct. Billable time entries are another. Some users include line item custom fields for serial numbers, but may have many inventory items that are identical on the same invoice.

There is no valid accounting reason why you cannot have duplicates on invoices.

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For example you might have 10 items sold at € 100 a piece and then 10 items free - Buy 1, get 1 free


Repetition of the item in the invoice
Unfortunately, the response was not answered properly, but it is unclear philosophies, knowing that my words are clear and explicit, which is that the item is repeated in the invoice in the event that the number of items is greater than mental control and therefore the number of items in the invoice is greater than the real number due to copying some lines… … …
I see that the developer understands the request that if the inventory item line is repeated in the invoice, it is added to the previous line with the adjustment of the output quantity in the invoice and the price

I thank everyone who contributed to responding with heart and mind without being aware of the problem and finding a solution to it

I think should be able to if the Items or Services have unique code numbers not the Name of the Item

I Think A Warning Related To duplication of Inventory Item is Sufficient for a user to Avoid Duplication.
This Will Resolve The Issue of Duplication And Also Solve

This Situation.

So is there duplicate entry alert for same customers multiple entry or same invoice numbers (if manually entered)

There is not.