Automatic code for inventory item

Is it possible to have manager generating a code automatically for each new inventory item ?


Can we have it implement ?

No, because inventory codes are an individual user’s design. Some use part of the product name, others group inventory by type etc etc

most users do not even use a code for inventory. they just use inventory names. and since Manager only displays a column if it has any content in them, users who do not need the inventory code to be displayed on documents will be forced to display the same because Manager has automatically put a code in them.

How can manager check if I don’t add a product twice ?

If you have duplicates, Manager shows a warning when you go to the Inventory Items tab:

41 AM

Click the button, then select the items you want to merge:

25 AM

If you use item codes, the comparison looks at those. If you do not use item codes, it looks at item names.

Don’t you think it woulb be better to have auto completion in name field when adding new inventory in other to avoid duplicate entry?

Really? why doesnt Manager find duplicate purchase invoice and other docs

Why should it? Companies frequently buy or sell the same things to/from the same other companies in the same quantities. Sometimes they do it on the same day, if their business volume is high enough. Constantly being bombarded with warnings that you have possible duplicates would be fairly irritating. Remember, we have the ability to clone invoices and set up recurring invoices. Should every one of those be flagged as a duplicate? Not in my opinion.

What about regular payment and receipt transactions? Should a transaction be marked as a duplicate because the customer pays the same amount as last month? Or pays two identical invoices for matching amounts on the same day?

And no matter what the transactions are, if they are entered for different dates, they would not be found anyway.

Finally, whenever a potential duplicate was found and determined not to be a duplicate, there would be no way to remove it from the list of duplicates. The Find & Merge feature was really intended for removing things introduced by batch updates.