Bug in "Inventory Quantity Summary" Report"

There seems to be a bug in “Inventory Quantity Summary” Report", where it is not showing negative closing balance when you issue invoice with quantity exceeding than you have in hand

e.g highlighted entry

same report after i updated an invoice of that time period from qty 1 to 470, but in the updated report below it is not showing closing balance of 260 - 469 = -209, it seems to be stuck at 720 and no effect if i add more qty for that item in invoices of that report period, tried using latest version 19.11.21 aswell same behavior

Are you using delivery notes?


Your first screen shot shows sales of 460. The second shows sales of 720. That is not consistent with your statement of changing one sales invoice from 1 to 470 units. No other observations are possible without seeing full records of all sales and purchase records for this item during the time period.

Yes that is the problem, in sales column it should show 460+469=929 but it looks it cant go beyond purchases qty i.e 720

You missed my point, @Asif_Hussain. The report shows you have purchased 720 and sold 720. So the balance is zero. If there is any problem, it does not lie in the report. Go to the Inventory Items tab and drill all the way down through the quantity on hand for item CF014. Post a screen shot of the transactions contributing to the zero balance.

Sold more than 720 in that period but in report it is not displaying that info, Is it working fine for you? To reproduce this issue, you just need to generate a report, then update an invoice of that report period with quantity of an item more than you have in stock then check if you can see closing balance as negative
@lubos can you please also have a look into this, looks like a bug to me as i have tested multiple scenarios, i can see negative closing balance only when qty in stock is zero


That is exactly what I did before answering your first post. In the report below, item 410 was increased before the report was generated. Item 463 was increased after the report was generated. Both show correct negative quantities:

Please drill down from the Inventory Items tab as I asked before and post the results. You will not get answers simply by insisting something is wrong.

This comment does not make sense. Since you are not using delivery notes, the program assumes your deliveries take place as soon as you enter a sales invoice or receipt showing a sale. If your quantity on hand is zero, your closing balance should be zero.

created another invoice 539 dated 5th August with CF022 qty = 180, report become:

updated same invoice with qty = 185, expecting closing balance -4 but it is now stuck and not showing negative value

Screenshot of inventory item CF022 for that period:

@Asif_Hussain, I will make no further attempts to answer your questions until you answer the requests for information I have already made. Continuing to show portions of the Inventory Quantity Summary report for different items does not help.

Furthermore, you last screen shot was apparently pieced together from multiple views. It is not what you described. That is also not helpful.

In my last post i have provided your requested info, what is missing? i showed portions to help you understand better, you want full report screenshot?

The item you were originally discussing was CF014.

I asked for transactions related to CF014. You provided a screen shot for CF022. I am not going to keep switching between examples for different inventory items. Depending on what is seen, I will probably ask for additional screen shots. And jumping from item to item makes it impossible to explore what is happening.

CF014 had high number of transactions that’s why i used CF022 as an example for you to understand, it’s fine i have now sent db to support to get their input.

Fixed in the latest version (19.11.63)


Thanks alot :slight_smile:

version 19.11.67

inventory kits sold items are deducted correctly - inventory per item is updated (has been deducted) BUT the “inventory quantity report” does not show the movement under sales column. Can’t it be captured in the report? thanks @lubos

@JVScpa you are right. Moving back to bugs category.

@lubos Additional information in “Inventory Quantity” aside from the Inventory Kits issue raised above.

I have created a Production Order BUT the Inventory Quantity Report does not reflect any movement (no deduction to inventories for Materials, and no addition to Finished Goods). However, selling a Finished Goods Item is reflected in the sales column (sales column is accurate). Please note that the “Inventory tab” shows correct balances , and the inventory value summary report is also accurate.

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@lubos, is this also an opportunity to correct the absence of inventory kits from the Inventory Profit Margin report: Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold?

Any update on this ???