Sales summary


i am trying to look into the summary of all items sold for today. currently it is showing as per the invoice#. how to view summary of items sold …

eg: i have sold Chicken biryani for 1st invoice, for 2nd invoice sold Chicken biryani and cold drink…
when i want to see how many chicken biryani sold for the day as summary , it will be showing each individual and i had to look and count manually each invoice, which will be very difficult to calculate when there are multiple of entries…


Look under Reports tab. There are inventory reports to show movements or profit margin for given period.


I am not saying about the inventory items, i am saying about the sales invoice items


You can’t get report to summarize transactions by sales invoice items.

I’m not planning to add new reports though. This is one of those reports which will be easy to solve via upcoming Custom reports feature which will pretty much close the loop and allow for many new reports including this one.


whether the custom report feature introduced or still working on it for the above query…