Sales Quotes for other purposes

Hello! I’m loving Manager so much that I’m incorporating it as my main software for whatever I can in my workflow. For instance, I use the Sales Quote function to work as a form for my clients. So i change the main title and key in the information in each line, without any quantities or price.

  1. However, I was wondering if it would be possible, to hide the amount column and Total row if no $ is written. Then I can fully use it for all my form fills.

  2. It would be even better if beside the Qty column, there is a Unit column (text purposes only), as not all my qty are by numbers, They may be in mm / feet / lump sum. So i can write that out. Alternatively, I can use that as a space to put in notes too.

I create complicated quotations (renovation) that can’t use Stock/ Non-inventory stock but new information and prices are keyed in each time. So my work around is using HTML & not use the quantities column at all but key in all information in the description and the final price in the amount.
3. If i can have a lump sum discount (Adjustments) at the end after Total, would be great too.This can be translated to a particular % discount across all items of the quote if you’re concerned about where this Discount would have to go to.

  1. Another thought I had is to add an additional column of Costings for each line. This is for manual inputs. At the end beside Total, we can see the Total Costings and a Profit Margin (Profit/ Total Selling).

Thank you so much for making Manager so awesome! If it is too complicated/ not feasible, it’s fine, i can still work around what is provided =)

You could accomplish what you describe much more easily in a spreadsheet form or word processing table. This is an accounting program.

@Tut yeah you’re right. I guess i was too into the workflow & CRM. still, good job on Manager so far! am still loving it =)