Sales Quote PDF Button showing different view as normal view

hi i want to put one column before description in sales quote but not able to put always shows after description, moreover i setup some custom design it looks fine i view but when i click on pdf to make pdf it does not show base64 image and all custom settings like center text and alignment won’t show in pdf …
image is below footer of pdf not center

normal view sales quote footer

more over same in i add image in normal it’s showing fine but pdf not showing…

that is how the program is designed.

custom themes are the responsibility of users. make sure you use liquid programming language to create custom themes. Manager will display all formatting similar to other browsers but PDF will not. you can search the forum to read similar topics and get ideas.

thanks sharpdrivetek,

is there a way around as i we want to put Model field before that

i am not expert on language but when i use default theme make it center the content, it shows perfect but when i click pdf button output pdf don’t show center as i shared picture before…
Please help

Try using your operating system to create the PDF

Print the Sales Quote and select Print to pdf as the printer

Hi I did but doing that footer goes next to line of items after table not on footer location…

Hi Team,

any one can tell me if i use built-in default theme it shows item in preview and description next to it when i apply on sales quote form… it don’t show item field over there??

@k.khan, the screen shot you just posted is from viewing a theme example in the Settings tab. Those representations are not specific to any particular transaction type. And they are not previews of anything. They are meant only to show the general appearance of a theme for all transactions, not, for example, how a sales quote will necessarily look. They cannot be used for detailed troubleshooting of custom themes.

To see how specific transaction types will look, you must view and/or print actual transactions of the type you are interested in.

yes i understood these thing but i am asking is it possible we can see item and description in our sales quote and invoice

i can’t show item and description… in same way item first and description after that

thanks appreciated.