Sales Quote needs better consistency with Sales Invoice

@lubos made good changes to the Sales Invoice and I noticed that the Sales Quote has not kept pace.

The minimum change that should take place is renaming “Expiry date” to the more appropriate “Due date” and also use the selector “by” and “net” as in Sales Invoices.

Also inconsistent is the listing of the options such as “Discount” and “Amounts are tax inclusive” in the Sales Invoice are in opposite sequence in the Sales Quote, see below:

Sales Invoice:
Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 08.38.23

Sales Quote:
Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 08.38.40

This is not only a cosmetic irritation but a functional one as well.

hello @eko

Can You Explain functional Aspect of this ?

I Agree With You On This.

This is self explanatory. For example if you use Tabs to move form one to the other you would expect them to be in the same place.

I believe it is more reasonable to provide the ‘Sales Quote’ an “expiration date” rather than a Due Date. Due dates are established for transactions in which the parties have legal duties to complete.

I agree that the checkboxes should be arranged in a more consistent manner :+1:.

@Abeiku, I understand the argument about the Expiry date and agree with you that it for Quotes is more applicable than due date. However it should still have a selector for “by” and “net”.

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I disagree. A quotation is similar to an advertisement in that there is no business arrangement in place at the quote level, hence you cannot share such information. Payment terms and conditions are shown on Orders and Invoices.

The by and net re nly dealing when you want the quote to expire.

Yes you do want to share expiry date with customers as this creates a sense of urgency and scarcity. At least, I know I would.

Welcome to one of the best known sales tactics. Also some of the small businesses we support are in a country where inflation is skyrocketing and a quote can not be valid for too long, because we would have then to explain to the customers that prices increased since the last quote by 2% (month by month!)