Sales quotation

when i export the sales quote summary, inventory items, discounts are not reflecting

please advise how to include the inventory items in the sales quote summary

There is no such report, “sales quote summary.” What are you referring to?

It isn’t clear what you mean by

when i export the sales quote summary, inventory items, discounts are not reflecting

The Sales Quote Tab shows a list of the Sales Quotes with the columns Date, Number, Customer and Amount. When you export this, you will get a list of Date, Number, Customer and Amount for each Sales Quote listed.

please find the image

look forward to your support

in the earlier reply i have pasted the image in which it is displaying without inventory items,

so that we can effectively make an follow up activties

once again requesting your support

Where do the Discount, Delivery, Validity, Freight Charges and maybe other columns come from ? Are they custom fields?

Could you post an image of a Sales Quote?

In any case, the Sales Quote tab only shows the Sales Quote header and not individual lines so it is not possible to display or export information from the lines on a Sales Quote

I m looking for an sales quote summary or report

whether you can give it in a option in report column

this is the only area where you can make a lot of difference

bcoz, we prepare approx 5 to 6 sales quotes, for follow up we need reports or summary we can export and it would be helpful

You need to understand that the Export function only exports what you see on the screen in the list you are viewing. It does not search, recover, or extract data from the elements of the list. In other words, exporting the Sales Quotes tab listing does not give any kind of summary of sales quotes or their contents. It just exports the list you already see.

Further, sales quotes are not financial transactions. So their contents cannot be examined through reports of inventory movement, as one example.


if i can get the details with inventory items, it would be very very useful,

i would request you to kindly include inventory items in the screen display

displaying the line items on the list will not be practically possible because a single quote can contain any number of line items.

If you are referring to the display of the Sales Quotes tab, that simply is not possible. That tab is list of the quotes, not a list of their contents. Suppose you had typical quotes with 50 line items each? You could not fit even a single quote on the screen.