Exporting sales invoices

when I started using manager I was not charging vat(sales tax)
so when i exported the invoices the headings were as follows
Date Transaction # Description Contact Inventory Item Qty Amount
From August I started charging vat when I export now the headings are as follows

Date Transaction # Description Contact Tax Qty
I need the heading inventory item in the report
Is this possible ?
I know in settings there is view templates but i do not know how to amend the report

  1. What version of Manager are you using? (Under About Manager)
  2. Can you post a screen shot of what you are writing about? The Sales Invoices register does not have either set of headings you mention.
  3. You mix terminology, export and report. These are completely different things in Manager. Please be more specific about what you are trying to do (along with the screen shot).
  4. View templates are for customized sales invoices, not reports or exporting format.

I am sorry I made a mistake by saying i do not know how to amend the report
I meant to say export
I am using version 16.9.78
please advise how I copy a screen shot into this message
Thank you

That depends on your operating system. If macOS, press Command + Shift + 4 and draw over the area. For other operating systems, you may need a 3rd-party screen grabber. Regardless, once you have the screen shot captured, upload it by clicking the arrow symbol at the top of the forum composition area:

For Windows try MWSnap3 - a freebie

This is a screen shot of an import before vat was introduced. I transferred it to an excel format.
As you can see it has a heading" Inventory item "

This is screen shot is an export after vat was introduced
As you can see the heading “inventory item” has gone but there is a" vat" heading
Is it possible to get the inventory item heading back ?

You need to be clearer as to what you are trying to export. The two screen shots you have posted show entirely different groups of transactions, so it is not possible to compare them. I cannot determine what they are.

You also posted screen shots of Excel spreadsheets. You need to post screen shots of the actual Manager screen you are trying to import. When you do this, show the the tab you are in, which appears in grey at the top of the listing, next to buttons for Print, Edit, PDF, etc. For example, if you are asking about the Sales Invoices register, your screen shot should look something like this:

Thank you for being so patient really appreciate it
From reports I have exported from General Ledger Summary inventory sales
I have also tried Profit and Loss Statement Inventory sales and also Summary Inventory sales
All come up with the same summary to export as below
I cannot show the export which has the heading “inventory items” because when changed to charging vat the report changed and did not show the heading “inventory items”

All right. Now that I know what you are looking at, I understand your confusion. I believe what you are experiencing has nothing to do with the fact that you started charging VAT.

I believe you must have updated your software around the same time.

Manager recently underwent some changes to how inventory items are displayed, because many people were using the item name and item code in ways that were not intended. The item code is meant as a search and organization aid. The item name is meant as a shorthand way of searching for something. For example, you might put a model number there. All substantive information about the inventory item should go into the description field, which can handle large amounts of text.

So places where those three fields are displayed were changed. Many reports now show the description only. Item names no longer appear on sales invoices, for example, even though they are visible when creating the invoice.

The tax heading now appears because you started using it. Many columns on Manager reports disappear if they are empty.

I return to the third question in my first response: what are you trying to accomplish? There is probably a way to obtain the information from Manager. For example, have you looked at the various inventory reports? Since you seem to regard the inventory item name as important, I wonder why you are drilling down on the inventory sales account when there are special reports about inventory.

I need the following sales information
1 customer name
2 inventory item
3. sales rand amount for each inventory item
I am trying to get information to excel that will enable me to sort sales by customer and by inventory item(this is to see which are main customers and to see which inventory item ( by fabric) are the best sellers
As I said before I was able to get this before the change happed
Hope you can help

This is what the Inventory Quantity Movement report does (by numbers sold for any defined period). Your question suggests you might be interested, though, in which items produce the greatest sales by value. That’s what the Inventory Value Movement report does. Either can be exported for further manipulation.

As for having both customer and inventory item in the same report, that’s available, too. Below is an example of what you see when drilling down on the Inventory - sales account on the Summary page. The Description column contains whatever is in the Description field for the inventory item. The Contact field is the customer. The Tax column indicates which tax code was applied. The Credit column shows how much was invoiced, not including tax, since that shows up in another account.
This information is supplied on a line item by line item basis. Note, for example, that both of the lines shown were on the same sales invoice. This screen shot was taken from Manager v16.10.37.

Of course, this screen can be exported. I believe the only difference from what you experienced with your original version of Manager is that Item Name has been replaced by the more informative Description.

wow do you ever go offline ???/
I understand what you are saying the problem is that I have entered the product or model number in the item code and item number block
In the description block I enter what type of fabric is used for example

As you can see the model number is under “item code” and Item Name", under the description is the type of fabric used
If there is no way of picking up the item code or item name would I have to edit each item and put the model number in the description column ?

Until custom reports has better documentation, I think this is the only solution for having both customer and item information together. Note, however, that for the inventory reports, it is the item code and item name that show up, for brevity, rather than the full description. But unless you are trying to do a multi-level sort with the data, you can currently get customer info from the drill-downs on the sales income account and inventory item info from the inventory reports.

Is there a way to export the tax number of the customer along with the other information that is now being exported in sales invoice?

Exports only export data visible on the screen.