Inventory item is not showing up in the Summary , Inventory - sales

Inventory item is not showing up in the Summary , Inventory - sales . It was there in my version that is 16.5.57 .

any chance that it can be reintroduced ?


What inventory item is not showing up where in the summary. You need to explain with actual details. What version are you on now?

The inventory item is not showing in the new version .
My version is 16.5.57
when I go to the summary
then in the inventory sales
the above comes up . But in the new version the inventory item is not there.
I export the same to excel and make a breakup of the same for the customer.

I like the new setup but i used to export the inventory sales to xl and in the older version it used to display the
Date Transaction # Description Contact Inventory Item Tax Qty Amount

but now it only displays

Date Transaction # Description Contact Tax Qty Debit Credit Balance

I could take the data exported to excel and make a detailed billing for my customers with the date & inventory item and amount etc.
It was a really useful

Ok, you mean that the Inventory Item column is no longer being displayed - is that correct.

Why don’t you use printed invoices and printed customer statements ?

Cos I bill once a month and print all the details wise bills and not on a daily basis

Have you tried Customer Statements on transaction basis

It does give me details like if there 3 or more items purchase per day it gives me summary total per invoice

The invoice gives the details and the statement summaries the Invoices.

It just seems that you are manually duplicating what Manager can provide even though I understand the assistance you are trying to give Customers. However, if the inventory Item column is gone then what is your alternate solution now.

Using the old version still

Please why dont you update? @sanjaykz try and update

just updated in my other laptop . but it still shows me the summary per invoice. not the break ups per invoice
I have a bill copy below

I export to excel & sort the data

then I copy & paste the items in the bill format in exel

if you notice that there are many items in the same invoice number

I like it the way it is now. That lengthy details doesn’t add anything to me. Makes sorting difficult

@sanjaykz go to the profit and loss statement and click on the inventory sales account or what ever account you track inventory sales in. The break down you need is there.

went there
but it does not show me the item only the tax cost etc
like in the older version ( 16.5.57 ) if only 1 more column could be added with the inventory item that would be really really helpful.

@sanjaykz, you are a victim of using Manager in a way never intended. Changes were introduced to prevent problems and I am fairly confident they will not be undone.

What you refer to as the “inventory item” is actually the Item Code for an inventory item. Inventory items also have an Item Name and Description. Item Name is what appears on most reports. Description is meant for customers and suppliers to see and contains more detailed information. If no Description is entered, Item Name will appear instead. See the Guide:

Looking at your screen shots, your Item Names and Descriptions do not seem very informative. If you used the three fields as intended, I think you would find Manager’s built-in forms and reports much more useful. In fact, I see no reason at all why you should be going through all this exporting to Excel, no matter how often you send invoices or statements.

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