Sales Order - Custom Title Function

Hi @lubos, i am using the “Custom Title” function in Form Defaults to change the Sales documents (Quotes, Order and Invoices) but in Sales Order the option is not available, could you please enable that.

Thank you.

what is the use case for this requirement as the sales order is only an internal document for the business?
for such personal requirements there is a guide explaining how to change form titles with a custom theme.

the other tabs have this option because in many jurisdictions the change of title is necessary depending on many factors.
for example,
a sales quote would be called a Proforma Invoice.
a sales invoice would be called Tax Invoice / Invoice / Service Bill.

Hi, i am using Sales Order when clients requires partial payments invoices (advance, progress, etc…) so i don’t have to create multiple invoices with the same items having partial values, and because of recent VAT implementation i would have to have “VAT Sales Order”.

I guess changing the title with a custom theme will do, but i though it was a bug since the function it is already existing in other documents and could be simply enabled on the Sales Order.

Thank you.

this is exactly the purpose of a Sales Quote which reflects what the customer will be charged, full or partial. the sales order on the other hand is only an internal document for your business which registers an order you received from your customer. this document is usually not sent to your customer because they already issued it to you as a purchase order from their side.

while it is not wrong, considering the continuous Manager development, your workflow of using Sales Order for this purpose may or may not cause other issues in the future.