Sales invoice custom title lost when created from sales order

I’ve used form defaults to set a custom title for our sales invoices. It works fine when we create a new sales invoice from the Sales invoices tab, but is lost if we create a new sales invoice by viewing a sales order and selecting Copy to and New Sales Invoice. I think this is new behaviour introduced in the last day or two. We’ve been using it with no problems for months.

I did edit our sales invoice form default two days ago to set a new default tax code. This is around the time the behaviour above appeared. I don’t see how they could be connected, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

I am using version, cloud edition.

Here is the form default for sales invoices:

And here is a sales invoice created from a sales order:

We can manually change it to use a custom title, but that creates extra work and potential for errors.

I should have looked more closely at this. I’ve just realised that the tax code definition allows the user to set a custom sales invoice title for that tax code:

I’m actually planning to remove Custom sales invoice title and Custom credit note title from tax code form. It’s not needed anymore and only creates confusion.

@lubos please, reconsider. You can only do that where localizations are complete. There are many countries on the list such as Nigeria that has no completed localization but as you also made themes an obsolete feature soon no-one in Nigeria (more than 200 million people!) can have a legal title on their invoices as you then can not put the word Tax Invoice on it.

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@eko the reason custom sales invoice title field is no longer required on tax code form is because you can set it directly on sales invoice.

Thanks, that is clear.

That sounds like a good plan. I was certainly confused for a while!