Custom title for Sale orders

Is it planned in the roadmap to be able to modify the title on a sale order?
I think before that was possible by using themes, but not anymore.
(I couldn’t find any information in the guide)

Why not? Please explain 'cos, although they are now situated in Obsolete Features, using themes is still possible.

Yes but now the ability to change the title is already include in quote and invoice sale (but not in order)… and i thought it was better not to use anymore obsolete features; what about when they will be canceled?
And in addition if you use a custom theme the new features like the footers no longer work…

The features you are concerned about should remain available until new capabilities replace them. Those new capabilities are under development, so I would not worry.

@chtipec Sales Order is seen as internal document that you are not printing for customer. Why is changing title on this document important to you?

If only internal, why then the e-mail button?

One of my clients used it to send the sales order titled as “sales order confirmation” (Verkoopbevestiging) to the client by e-mail.
So just to confirm the definitive order, completed with delivery address, delivery date, etc.

I’m not dismissing this idea. Just want to understand use-case. If businesses use sales orders to send customers to confirm their orders, then it’s all good. Adding ability to set custom title on sales orders is simple thing to add.

We usually send our customers the sales order when the job is complete and we want to show them the details of the work and costs. Customers may query something or decide to add some items to the order, and they may choose between multiple currencies for payment, so we usually only generate the sales invoice once all this has been finalised. We have no problem with the title “sales order”, but I’m showing our use case for sending it to the customer.

For real estate rentals we must make a call for payment to our customers and send a “payment notice” (Sale order) named “Avis d’échéance” with the amount to be paid then a second document after payment received, “a receipt” (Sale invoice) named “Quittance”.

Added to the latest version (22.10.24)

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Dear @lubos can we have the custom title in Recurring Sales Order also.

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