Sales Items - Cloud Version query

I am using Cloud version now after being more than happy with desktop version.

In cloud version as an Administrator I can’t see Sales items being listed in Setting anymore for the business I have open, I want to review what has been stored previously. I cannot find a what a way to do that . I can still use them for creating Sales but can’t access them independent of the Sales Invoice screen. in fact the settings screen seems to have a lot less items listed compared to desktop version but as administrator I thought it would mean all were available?. I could bee wrong in this assumption?.

if you can let me know if this is normal or if I am doing anything incorrectly or have not set a setting correctly , I have looked at the guides but cannot see this listed, I would be most grateful.

Sales Invoice Items are now under Non-inventory items. It’s still under Settings tab.

Hi Lubos

thank you , found it easily enough once you said above. Sorry for oversight . Much appreciated

Any joy on the default email address issue I mentioned as well?