Inventory and Sales Invoice Export

I regularly use the export function for inventory and sales invoices, however, this has been taken away in a recent update. Please could we have it back? Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t use inventory, but the sales invoice listing can be exported. Link is at the lower right corner.

Sorry, I should have said, I’m using the cloud version.

Thanks for your reply Tut, but that link is no longer there, or if it is, it’s not visible on my screen for some reason. I last used it on Wednesday.

I think it was premature for me to take it out because documentation for Custom reports is not quite ready (even though I’m making good progress)

However, what was your use-case? Custom reports will allow you to select which fields to “export”, apply filters, sort data etc.

Thanks for your reply Lubos.

I need to be able to export a spreadsheet of inventory with Code, Name, description, purchase price, sale price and quantity, and a list of sales invoices with all the columns shown in the query screen.

For me personally, I export Delivery Note to generate Sales Invoice manually, but the export function is gone for Delivery Note.

Could you please put it back?

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Plz i need back the export option!!

I concur, for me Manager without exporting is completely useless!!!

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I’ve added the feature back.

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Thank you so much, now I’m back in business…

Thank you Lubos :slight_smile: It really is an incredibly useful feature!

By the way, the batch update is great! It’s saved me hours already! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! lubos!!! thanks!!

Thanks Lubos