Can't create sales invoice items

Seems I cannot enter new items in the sale invoice. Clicking the box lets you search for existing items and also shows items entered on a previous invoice but how do you create new ones?

I’ve entered the items under “Inventory Items” (BTW, the items that are shown are not in Inventory items)

Sales invoice items are not the same as inventory items. Inventory items are tracked and valued by Manager and require the Inventory Items tab to be enabled. Sales invoice items are just shortcuts for creating sales invoices so you don’t have to type so much and make so many selections for things you frequently have on sales invoices. See Manager Cloud.

Yes, I’ve read that. And just typing in sales items worked for my previous invoices.

But right now I can’t enter anything in the “item” box.

Clicking in the box shows a search input field and the list of previously memorized items. Just can’t input/create any new items…

The behavior you are seeing is exactly what should happen, @danny. You can never create a new sales item in the item box in a sales invoice. If you thought that is what happened, you misinterpreted what Manager did. As you type in that box, Manager brings up the list of pre-defined sales items containing the string of text you have typed so far. As you type more, the list narrows, often quite rapidly, until there is only one item left. This can make it seem like you are entering text, but you are not. You are only entering a search string.

On the other hand, if you only click on the dropdown arrow, you will get a list of some or all of the pre-defined items to choose from. I don’t actually know what the limit is on the number of items, since I only use a few. I suspect that if you have more sales invoice items than the dropdown will display, you probably get the most recently used.

The other thing that you might have done was enter the invoice item in the Description box, which will accept any text you place there.

Thanks for that, but…

You said “you can never create a new items in the item box” and that the search box “brings up the list of pre-defined sales items”.

So where do you create/define the items in the first place. That’s my original question.

Under Settings tab, click on Sales Invoice Items.

For future reference, in the Guides, click on Settings, then on the particular setting you want to adjust, listed at Manager Cloud. Guides are under revision at present, so some are more complete than others.

Perfect! That’s what I was looking for! Thanks :smile: