Sales Invoices Payment Automatic

when i paid sales invoices by creating anew receipt , i can’t choose bank account from my chart just only systematic Accounts and can’t transact from systematic accounts to another accounts … can you help ?

Have you read this Guide: Record a receipt | Manager? Have you created a bank account according to this Guide: Set up a bank or cash account | Manager?

If you have questions not answered in those Guides, post screen shots that show the problem.

Dear Tut, Good day
no i dn’t creat bank account according to your link as i can’t make transactions on this account to my chart ( debited or credited ) . i created accounts to be easy to transact …
you will find two screen shoots of accounts that can pay with sales receipts and account that can i transact from journal entries

Receipts and payments transactions are only possible with accounts created using the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs

Manager does not allow journal entries to be made to Bank or Cash Accounts created in this way

This is your choice - either use the features available in Manager to manage Bank/Cash accounts along with the restriction or setup “normal” accounts and forego the features available such as payments, receipts, bank reconciliations