Bank accounts not there after entering in Chart of Accounts

I entered my Bank accounts in chart of accounts. Now trying to enter a sale/receipt in Receipts and Payments. When I clicked on Account, to choose the bank account, there were none.
Why, and what do I need to do about this?

this is not the correct method. please read and understand the guides before using the program

in this case read

Mmmm. I followed the set up instructions, which stated Step one - create a chart of accounts

yes. but the first paragraph in the guide reads as below.

bank accounts are one such account which will be automatically added when you enable the tab.

By which do you mean old accounting records, starting balances, or new transactions. Depending on how your business operates you may need to enter suppliers/customers and invoices first
Cash and Bank Accounts: Set up a cash account | Set up a bank account | Set up credit cards

Cash and Bank Transactions : Record a receipt | Record a payment

Starting Balances: Set start date | Enter starting balances

Customers: Enter customers | Set starting balances for customers
Sales Invoices: Create sales invoices

Suppliers: Enter suppliers | Set starting balances for suppliers
Purchase Invoices: Create purchase invoices

Importing records from an old to new accounting system is more difficult, and typically takes days work for someone with the motivation / willingness to pay. If that’s what you want see