Restore from backup loses invoice information


I have a backup that was created with ver. 15.7.3 When I restore this into ver. 16.12.28 the business imports, but all the customer, description and total information is missing from my invoices. See the attached screenshots.



Please let me know how I can help to debug this.


OK, I think your problem is this. A major change happen between those editions where it became compulsory to enter a Customer name and if that information is correct you can get your result.

So try this, go to one of those Invoices and click edit and check that the Customer field is complete.

As an aside, why are you restoring that backup into 16.12.28?

Hi Brucanna

OK, so I’ve had a careful look, I am pretty sure this was a mistake on our side. Some of the customers were deleted and so some of the invoices come up blank. The only difference seems to be the default sort order on the sales invoice page. On 15.7.3 It seems to sort descending by “issue date” on 16.12.28 I am unsure what the sort order is.

Thank you for the help

Sort order is first by status, with overdue on top, coming due next. You can always sort by clicking column headings.

Actually if there are any invoices without customer, then they will be shown fist regardless of status. This is to highlight an issue with those invoices.

I didn’t realize that, because I have never had such an invoice. But it certainly is consistent with the rest of the sorting philosophy: list invoices in the order of what needs the most attention.